The Ideal Body Composition: Your Dream Body is Your Destiny

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Awaken your True Self, Emerge Confident.

Imagine yourself in a perfect body: your positive mind makes your vitality limitless, your joyful heart feels comfortable in your skin, your vibes are peaceful & you're energized everyday. This holistically healthy state dramatically alters your body composition for the better. You are lean and vibrant effortlessly.

That's how UpRoots Wellness works.

We put you back in touch with your Ideal Body Nature — creating your perfect body easily — because the vitality you crave is the health you are meant to have.

Your Ideal Body Composition the simplest way to be when you just know how. The perfect version of your body is just one of our programs away.

We have the guidance you need, so claim it.



Let Us Uncover Your Ideal Body Nature.


The Ideal Body Composition: Comprehensive reboots the software in your mind, heals your emotional memory, heightens your spiritual reality & re-aligns your physical body — getting you back in touch with your Ideal Body Nature — making effortless weight loss your REALITY. IBCC's step-by-step instructions are simple to follow. Anyone can do this.

Our practices have been painstakingly developed to make re-establishing your naturally ideal health as easy as breathing.

It transforms your body, your outlook and the way you feel about your whole self.


No diets. No restrictions. No strain.



We Combine the Data-Backed Methods for Truly Holistic Weight Loss


Revive your Subconscious.

MIDIs are guided audio therapies that use ratified psychological tools, sound treatment and acute mindfulness methods to both uncover & heal any subconscious wounds which are specifically preventing your best body from being your effortless reality. They are also designed to foster a deep and clear connection with your intuition, harmonizing your conscious mindset with your ideal body nature.

MIDIs heal unhealthy subconscious programming created by emotional wounds. They will relieve your body of emotional baggage carried as fat and make you feel lighter. They clarify and strengthen your connection to your intuition, helping you fall effortlessly in line with your Ideal Body Nature, easily, and lose weight without trying.



Reform your Conscious.

MODIs are experiential training itineraries that extend your inner work outwards, growing towards an effortlessly ideal body, in your day-to-day activities.

Body MODIs are physical training activities that clarify, deepen and enrich your body awareness. They heal and enliven using experiential psychology methods while teaching alignment principles that increase energy and turn any movement into a target-toning exercise.

Mind MODIs are mental training instructions that put you in control of your ideal health, and personal growth, based on ancient wisdoms and modern psychology research.

Body MODIs will increase your flexibility, overall comfort, strength & provide an avenue for dramatic fat loss in the body. Mind MODIs will show you which foods & activities are ideal for your health plus how to create the right emotional experiences for your needs.



Restore your Unconscious.

RUMIs reprogram latent belief systems using unrivalled data-backed therapies proven to treat compulsive & unconscious behaviour better than any other method studied. They facilitate a deep dive into your your psyche and formative experiences — which are nearly impossible to access via your conscious mind — uncovering the core reasons for weight gain at their roots. From there, we can uproot, heal and reprogram your innate set weight and habits creating your naturally ideal physical form.

RUMIs are potent therapies designed to alter your core beliefs, your unconscious programming, and change your base metabolic rate. RUMIs can dramatically alter body composition for good by working from the core outwards.



This is not your Usual Fitness Program. We Rewrote the Rules.


Slower & more relaxed efforts will pay off big time.
Your ideal body will start revealing itself with less effort.
You'll ripple out a positive impact starting with your health.
You'll experience the kind of confidence to express yourself & be intimate.
You'll be free to enjoy the lifestyle you crave (with no regrets).
And you'll be a fuller, funner, more alive person.


No more restrictions. Just a fun, fit, healthy body that you love. Get the body that loves you back.


MIDIs, MODIs & RUMIs are Designed with Proven Strategies that:


          • Release blocks to your ideal body & reprogram limiting patterns to restore natural health
          • Turn your appetite into a health beacon driving you toward the best food
          • Make any physical activity more effective and enjoyable plus beat fatigue
          • Get clear about your body goals and confident in your ability to get there
          • Learn how to be the ultimate creative force in your body composition without restrictions
          • Become an authentic self-starter who lives in their ideal health on their own terms
You will build a rooted lifestyle practice that feeds your soul and lets you live in your ideal body effortlessly. You deserve it.


Finally weight loss can feel good. No diets. No strain. Just you, just happy. Your unique & ideal body: the way nature intended.

4 x Districts, 90 Days of Training

+ In-depth eBook


1. Self Awareness for Weight Loss:

MIDI + RUMI + Body MODI + Mind MODIs 


2. Emotional Healing to Release fat:

MIDI + RUMI + Body MODI + Mind MODIs 


3. Heighten Energy for an Ideal Body:

MIDI + RUMI + Body MODI + Mind MODIs 


4. Alignment for an Easy, Toned Physique

MIDI + RUMI + Body MODI + Mind MODIs


+ BONUS: 4 Habit Tracker Reprogramming Worksheets 

+ BONUS: 4 Narrative Exposure Therapy Journals

+ BONUS: 3 Minute Miracle Meditation


Step-by-Step Guidance

Practicing with us can take as little as 1 hr per day (and most of our work is done lying down)! We’ll show you how & when to schedule your practice for optimal impact, build your intuition, heal your own body, find your authentic health goals, gather your personal vision of your perfect body, then develop the strengths necessary to make the best version of you real. We walk you through exactly what to do, when to do it, and how to address challenges when they arise. All you have to do is commit to the steps.

Science & Spirituality

LaLee has worked on her research for over 2 decades. She has studied Eastern and ancient health principles in India & Asia and complimented it with a degree in Western scientific theory. The studies on long-term weight loss illustrate patterns we have built upon using the most effective methods from across times and disciplines. The result is a holistic weight plan that delivers unprecedented wellness stemming from science and the spirit.

Your Ideal Body

Uncovering, healing, growing and strengthening each go your Personal Powers — Mental, Emotional, Energetic & Spiritual — can only have one effect: your best body and best life. Using our wisdom, you'll design your own healthy habits which suit your body and your needs. Living in your ideal body will become a side effect of your ideal lifestyle. It will be the happiest and most enjoyable lifestyle you could ever imagine. Your dreams are your destiny.

Deepen Your Own Practice

This course will only enhance any physical or spiritual exercises you love to partake in now. If you have a diet, exercise regime, spiritual practice, health coach or wellness community you enjoy, the training and development you’ll receive in IBCC will only help it. Our program will strengthen all areas of your mental, spiritual, emotional & physical awareness enhancing your whole every experience you have in life.

An Intimate Experience

Practicing with us will take you to places within yourself you’ve only seen glimpses of. Our main aim is to bridge the gap between your body right now and its highest potential. The essence of coming into your ideal form is becoming intimately aware of your own needs. We show you how to become an exceptional caregiver to yourself so your body goals can develop exponentially and stay that way effortlessly.

Training for All Levels

UpRoots Wellness attracts people from a wide range of personal and professional levels of fitness. That’s part of what makes it such a special practice. The only requirement is your willingness to grow and reflect. We’ll meet you wherever you are on your path of personal growth, and show you how to hold the space needed to let your Real Self emerge. Wherever you are is exactly the perfect place to start.

A Step-By-Step Program Unlike Any Other

These. Methods. Work.


If You Know Deep Down that You are not Living in Your TRUE Body...  IBCC is for you.


"I've been studying movement, fitness, nutrition & holistic wellness for almost 2 decades. I spent my teens travelling the world, studying the health practices in the East, cutting edge nutrition and training in ballet and yet I couldn't lose weight. I later specialized in Western scientific theory and research. Our programs are SO different because I've blended all of my experience and expertise to design a truly holistic SOLUTION. You CAN get into the body of your dreams by doing what you truly love — I'm living proof — by using our programs to uproot, heal & grow through what holds you back." - Our Founder, Laura-Lee Bowers


By growing and strengthening the connection to YOUR uniquely ideal body map, ultimate wellness is EASY — because it's your nature.

IBCC is a Life Changing Program

What have you got to lose (except extra weight)?