The Ideal Body Composition: Your Dream Body is Your Destiny

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Does an Effortlessly Ideal Body Sound too Good to be True?

Your Best Health is your Nature

The Practices: Get into Your Best Body, Step-by-Step

Our Process Incorporates Proven Methods for a Unique, Holistic Approach

Body MODIs: Physical practices aimed to deepen the connection between your awareness, your experience and your body. Body MODIs incorporate the inner healing and strength we foster throughout the program into your outer, physical, form. Body MODIs will increase your flexibility, overall comfort, strength & provide an avenue for dramatic fat loss in the body.

Mind MODIs: Mental training that ultimately puts you in control of the different parts of your mind so you can create your perfect body and your best life. Mind MODIs will help you develop awareness about what your body needs to operate most efficiently (from what food is ideal for your health to how to create the right emotional experiences for your needs) and choose your trajectory towards your best body.

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MIDIs are powerful tools that help foster a deep and meaningful connection with your intuition, to both deeply heal wounds that prevent progress towards your best body and harmonize your conscious relationship to these experiences, to grow into the healthy reality—your ideal body—you are meant to have.

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RUMIs facilitate the deepest dive into your formative experiences and perceptions — long forgotten by your conscious mind — which have dictated your inner & outer realty: healing you, connecting you & growing your unconscious strength to creates your ideal physical form (change metabolism).  

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Weight loss that feels good. No more diets. No more brutal exercise. Just you. Just happy. Just natural: the way nature always intended.


Step-by-Step Guidance

I’ll show you the practicalities of how & when to schedule your practices for optimal impact, build your intuition, lead healing in your body, decipher your own goals, turn those goals into a vision, develop that vision into reality and so much more. I'll walk you through what to do, how to do it, and how to address challenges: all you have to do is decide the body you want. 

Science & Spirituality

I am consistently staying on top of research in the wholistic field of health & wellness. I've offered up 2 decades worth of experience and research and continue to add to my arsenal every day. I'll explain proven methods you can use to step into your power and build the best You possible. I'll show you how to take personal growth to the next level. These are the specific, concrete strategies used to build a better body and a better life. 

Your Ideal Body

Through healing, growth and wisdom you'll design your own healthy habits which suit your body and your needs. By teaching you how to heed your own wisdom, and stay on course to your goals without fighting with yourself, living in your ideal body will become a lifestyle—the most enjoyable lifestyle you will ever imagine. Your dreams are your destiny, I'll show you how getting to them is water running downstream.

Deepen Your Own Practice

Whatever physical or spiritual exercises you partake in now, this course will enhance them. Throughout the course you’ll learn techniques and methods that will help you tune in to your inner wisdom and really feel your optimal physical alignment. We will address hurdles preventing you from growing into your ideal body, and through them we will overcome setbacks in all other areas of your spiritual, emotional & physical life enhancing your whole life.

An Intimate Experience

Practicing Rootlaev will take you places within yourself that will foster lightening fast revelations connecting you to your body and its highest potential. The essence of the IBC:C is to become intimate with your own Self in the closest relationship imaginable. By becoming an exceptional caregiver to yourself, your body goals will develop exponentially and fostering the relationship with yourself will make staying in your ideal body effortless. I'll teach you how to be the influence that heals you, as well as the impetus that makes you grow.

Training for All Levels

UpRoots Wellness attracts people from a wide range of personal and professional levels of fitness. That’s part of what makes it such a special practice. The only requirement is your willingness to grow and reflect. I’ll meet you wherever you are on your path of personal growth, and show you how to hold the space needed to let your Real Self emerge. Wherever you are is exactly where you should be.

What People Are Saying About the Ideal Body Composition: Comprehensive Methods


A Step-By-Step Program Unlike Any Other

It Works

The Ideal Body Composition: Comprehensive is a Life Changing Program

Are You Ready to Start the Revolution?


Awaken your True Self, Emerge Confident.


Your mind is a tool that should be working for you, your heart should bring you joy & comfort, your vibes should be easeful & energized, your body is the vehicle you utilize on the journey of life — you were meant to be unique, bring your dreams to reality — the perfect body you crave is your destiny. It's all written in your nature. UpRoots Wellness has the tools to teach you how to allow it to happen. The perfect version of your body is just a program away.
We have the guidance that you need, but you're the only one who can do it!



IBCC Resets Your Relationship to Your Ideal Body Nature.


The Ideal Body Composition Comprehensive reboots the software in your mind, heals your emotional memory, heightens your spiritual reality & aligns your physical body to your real nature — your Ideal Body Nature. This makes getting to your ideal body goals very simple and intuitive. The practices  have been painstakingly developed to re-establish a natural symbiosis that transforms your body, your outlook, the way you feel & essentially your whole life.


No crazy diets. No feeling bad. And absolutely no crying at the gym!



If You Know Deep Down that You are not Living in Your TRUE Body... and it's Holding you Back from Enjoying Life, IBCC is for you.


I've been studying movement, fitness, nutrition & holistic wellness for almost 2 decades (my whole life). I spent my teens travelling the world and comparing what I read in ancient texts (eastern philosophy), what I studied in ancient practices (yoga), with my training in modern movement (ballet) & the findings of contemporary science (I got a very serious degree in Western scientific theory). I've called on all of that experience to design IBCC to help people realize how easeful body transformations can be when you are are doing what you truly love — getting to where you deeply want to be — by healing what holds you back from your best body.


By growing and strengthening your inner wisdom of your unique natural health, ultimate wellness with ease — because it's where you are meant to be.


During IBCC I'll Provide Practices to Facilitate & Help You...


  • Release the blockages & negative patterns that hold you back from living your dream
  • Turn your appetite into a health beacon
  • Make activity something you enjoy instead of a chore
  • Get clear about your goals and confident about your ability to achieve them
  • Learn how to be a co-creator of your life instead of feeling like a victim
  • Become an authentic self-starter who leads a life on their own terms
  • Make a bit of magic for yourself...
You will build a rooted lifestyle practice that feeds your soul and lets you live abundantly. You deserve it.



This is not your Average Health and Wellness package. It's a Transformational Dive Deep into how you are Relating to your Self & what Outcomes you are Empowering in the Process. 

Slower & more relaxed efforts will pay off big time.
Your ideal body will start revealing itself with less effort.
You'll ripple out a positive impact.
You'll experience the kind of freedom to express yourself & be intimate.
You'll be able to enjoy the lifestyle you crave (with no regrets).
And you'll be a fuller, more alive person. How great is that?
No more restrictions. Just a fun, fit, healthy body that you love (and that loves you back).



IBCC is not just Information on Health & Wellness, it’s Experiential Learning that Changes Your Body; It Changes Your Life — For Good.


You’ll be taught how to connect with yourself in the way you’ve been searching for amidst the misinformation out there concerning fat loss. You’ll learn how to listen to the wisdom of your body & overcome the noise — the noise of ingrained doubts & fears born out of the chaotic misinformation of a society (unsuccessfully) searching for health. By learning how to find the perfect decisions (for your uniquely perfect health) within your inner being, your wisest mind, you’ll be able to tap into your most inspired, energized & illuminated self possible.

This is how you become the best version of yourself possible; this is how you free yourself from the cycle of trying to restrict yourself, or force yourself to 'be healthy' on some misinformed terms, only to simply bounce back to where you started or worse when you inevitably relent. You were meant to be in your highest health, naturally. That's the only way to get there: sustainably.

What Have Your Got to Lose?

(Except Your Extra Weight)