Morning MIDIs are practices that align our awareness with our truth.

They are exercises which gather up any resistance to our personal voice of reason and clear it away.

MIDIs allow us to start each day fresh, aligned with our pure selves, ready to heal and grow towards our destined physical reality.

They align us with our unique inspiration while healing hurdles within that may have blocked clear intuition in the past.

MIDIs clear our subconscious pathways so we make good decisions that align with our ideal selves at the start of everyday. They allow us to begin each day in harmony with our best life, walking in tune to the calling of our highest nature, so our greatest joy comes from the healthiest actions we can take for ourselves.

Programs which include MIDIs:

Ideal Body Composition: Comprehensive

Perfect Body: Mindset Reset

Wholehearted: Holistic Wellness (Taster)

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  • When to Practice: Morning (in bed, upon waking)
  • Focal Point: Openness & Inner Voice
  • Heals: Subconscious
  • Grows: Intuition
  • Similar to: Meditation