RUMIs allow a deep dive into the underlying patterns which have prevented you from achieving your goals. They will remain persistent otherwise.

With deep relaxation and sound therapy we traverse into the depths of the unconscious mind which controls and predicts our physical reality (including gene expression and bodily functions like metabolic rate).

Many, if not all, of the mysteries shrouding the research on weight loss are due to this realm and its pervasive hold on how we create our physical reality (how our bodies are being formed every moment of every day).

RUMIs clarify the faulty programming, put you in touch with your highest health (natural self) and develop your unique power to create your ideal body in joy, peace and comfort.

Programs that include RUMI therapies:

Ideal Body Composition: Comprehensive

Ideal Body Composition: Masters’¬†

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  • When to Practice: Night (in bed, before sleep)
  • Focal Point: Letting go, Open to Experience
  • Heals: Unconscious
  • Grows: Physical Creative Force
  • Similar to: Hypnosis