MODIs bring the inner work of the rest of the program outward.

They make the healing and growth work we are doing visceral, so our inner work meets and changes our physical reality.

MODIs create a grounded reality inspired by the dreams and intuitions of our spirit and heart.


Developed from blending the ancient wisdom of the unifying practice of yoga, with the physics and discipline of ballet masters, then combined with the scientifically ratified (APA) healing and strengthening benefits of the the Hakomi method of experiential psychology.

Body MODIs awaken, enliven, heal & strengthen the body to grow into its ideal composition effortlessly, while uplifting your mood & sense of belonging in the world.

Programs which feature Body MODIs:

Ideal Body Composition: Comprehensive

Ideal Body Composition: Masters’


Various uses, practiced anytime, similar to therapeutic psychology & mindfulness practice.

Mind MODIS are carefully crafted exercises which put the conscious mind in control of directing the flow of energy, emotions & thoughts. Each time we practice we grow our personal agency to become the most powerful co-creators of our body possible.

The disciplines birthing Mind MODI practices are as varied as buddhism & modern psychology.

All MIND MODIs aim to put the practitioner into a state of Rootlaev, by flowing through the present moment in perfect harmony, so health gets easy, exponentially progressive & pure bliss to maintain.

  • When to Practice: Morning & Anytime
  • Focal Point: Alignment, Breath & Behavioural Patterns
  • Heals: Body & Mind
  • Grows: Mind - Body - Spirit Connection
  • Similar to: Yoga & Classic Psychology