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Awaken your True Self, Emerge Confident.


Your mind is a tool that should be working for you, your heart should bring you joy & comfort, your vibes should be easeful & energized, your body is the vehicle you utilize on the journey—you were meant to be on a very unique journey, your dreams are your destiny. It's all yours to be & I'm going to teach you how to allow it to happen. The perfect version of your body is just an emblem of all of this. It's a symbol. It says that you're on your path doing your thing—with the right tools, this is the easiest thing to achieve. And you're the only one who can do it!



IBCC Resets the Relationship between your True Self and all of your Experiences.


You'll gain confidence & the tools to make an enormous impact on physical & spiritual goals. The Comprehensive reboots the computer in your mind, heals your emotional memory, heightens your energy & aligns your physical body to make getting to your body goals simple and intuitive. The practices reestablish a natural symbiosis that transforms your body, your outlook, the way you feel & essentially your whole life. No crazy diets. No feeling bad. And absolutely no crying at the gym!



If you've Know Deep Down that you are not Living in the Vision you Truly have for Your Body... and it's Holding you Back from Enjoying life IBCC is for you.


I've been studying movement, fitness & nutrition for over a decade. No only that, I've been enamoured with the wisdom of the ancients. I spent what should-have-been high school travelling the world and comparing what I read in ancient texts (eastern philosophy), what I studied in ancient practices (yoga), with my training in modern movement (ballet) & the findings of contemporary science (a degree in western theory). I've called on all of that experience to design IBCC to help people realize their power, the easeful body transformations that can be had by doing what you love — and getting to where you want to be — by healing what holds you back from your best body and growing in the inner wisdom of ultimate health with ease— because that's where you were meant to be.

Now you can benefit from all of it!

During IBCC I'll Provide Practices to Facilitate & Help You...

  • Release the blockages & negative patterns that hold you back from living your dream
  • Turn your appetite into a health beacon
  • Make activity something you enjoy instead of a chore
  • Get clear about your goals and confident about your ability to achieve them
  • Learn how to be a co-creator of your life instead of feeling like a victim
  • Become an authentic self-starter who leads a life on their own terms
  • Make a bit of magic for yourself...

You will build a rooted lifestyle practice that feeds your soul and lets you live abundantly. You deserve it.



This is not your Average Health and Wellness package. It's a Transformational Dive Deep into how you are Relating to your Self & what Outcomes you are Empowering in the Process. 

Slower & more relaxed efforts will pay off big time.
Your ideal body will start revealing itself with less effort.
You'll ripple out a positive impact.
You'll experience the kind of freedom to express yourself & be intimate.
You'll be able to enjoy the lifestyle you crave (with no regrets).
And you'll be a fuller, more alive person. How great is that?



IBCC is not just Information on Health & Wellness, it’s Experiential Learning that Changes You; It Changes Your Life — For Good.


You’ll be taught how to connect with yourself in the way you’ve been searching for amidst the misinformation out there concerning fatt loss. You’ll learn how to listen to the wisdom of your body & overcome the noise — the noise of ingrained doubts & fears born out of the chaotic misinformation of a society (unsuccessfully) searching for health. By learning how to find the perfect decisions within your inner being, your wisest mind, you’ll be able to tap into your most inspired, energized & illuminated self possible.

This is how you become the best version of yourself possible; this is how you free yourself from the cycle of going against yourself to acquire goals that simply bounce back when you inevitably relent. You were meant to be in your highest health naturally. That's the only way to get there: sustainably.