MIDIs are Potent Meditation-Based Practices Developed to Deliver RESULTS

Our therapies are completely unique to UpRoots Wellness and they are all developed using data-backed methods.

MIDIs help foster a deep and clear connection with your intuition, to both heal the subconscious wounds that prevent progress towards your best body and harmonize your conscious relationship to these experiences.

MIDIs heal unhealthy subconscious programming created by emotional wounds. They relieve your body of emotional baggage carried as weight and make you happier. They clarify and strengthen your connection to your intuition, helping you fall in line with your Ideal Body Nature effortlessly, easily, and lose weight without strain.

Your Effortless Perfect Body... is Your Nature

Start Your Own Revolution




 4 Week *Mindset Shift* (Re)Program Course
 4 x Mini MIDIs Heal & Grow through each District
 Uncover & Strengthen the Beliefs Necessary for Ideal Body Composition
 Best Suited to those who know their Blocks to Ideal Health are solely Mental/Emotional
 Conscious & Subconscious Mind Reprogramming


BONUS: 1 x Narrative Exposure Therapy
• 4 x Exercises (1 in each District) to help Rewrite your Best Body

7 day Money Back guarantee

How does it work?

Mental Awareness District

You will begin the introductory course with mini therapies designed to unshackle excess weight from your mind. The Mental Awareness District in this BONUS will help you arouse the clarity you need to bring lasting, healthy body change into your life starting today.

Emotions System District

Let go of the emotional drawbacks to losing weight. These mini therapies will show you how to help yourself, to free your heart to step into the best body of your life, for the rest of your life.

Energetic Frequency District

Use these mini therapies to unleash the power of good vibes deep inside you. This District will show you how the upbeat energy within can create your ideal body (and begin clearing the heavy vibrations responsible for excess weight).

Physical Presence District

Ground your new consciousness, wellbeing, and good vibes in your physical body with the District which brings the inner revolution outward. The Physical Presence practices complete the Districts' cycle from the awareness you gain in MA, the healing you undergo in ES and the growth made possible in EF Districts to live the change. PP is what finalizes your ability to change form... for good.


The Perfect Body: Mindset Reset is an Introductory Course. The Ideal Body Composition: Comprehensive is the full program. Click for our FULL Perfect Body COURSE.