I can’t express how happy it makes me that you’ve taken your mental, emotional, energetic & physical state into your own hands. You will soon be exposed to the most powerful and easy to use tools available for a better body and a better life.

Through the districts ahead you will learn how to progress and grow into Clarity & Connection, Fierceness & Freedom, Comfort & Confidence and Beauty & Bounty — into the best body of your life. So let me introduce you to the program and the foundation it is based upon to give you the best launching pad and preparation for the body revolution you are about to go through.

You will need:

Yoga/Pilates Mat



Nice Pen or Two

Trust & Commitment


Schedule & Goals Setting via –

 Day Planner/Bullet Journal or

An App (like Strides)


3-5 days per week:
1 Midi (ideally first thing in the morning – before you get out of bed)
1 Modi (ideally directly after your Midi, and before breakfast)
1 Rumi (ideally right before bed)

6 days per week:
2-4 litres/quarts of Water
1 hour social & digital media free before bed
1 hour social & digital media free after you wake up

1 day per week:
Social media break!

Ideally you will have 2 rest days from anything you ‘have’ to do. This would include the scheduled MODIs, MIDIs & RUMIs as well as work and other responsibilities. This allows you to not only fully absorb your practice, reintegrating new parts with your old self, it also allows your Whole Self a moment to let the next directions surface. Journalling is absolutely encouraged on these days. As is water. And if it pleases You to do your practice on days you are free from other engagements, then go right ahead.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. There should be a floating messenger icon to your right if you’d like to connect via facebook.