MA Perfect Body: Mindset Shift

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Welcome to Your Perfect Body: Mindset Shift Solution! District #1 Mental Awareness (MA): This mini MIDI will help you get to the starting line by opening up your mental awareness to what high health you are actually capable of. Let’s … Continued

Mental Awareness Chapter

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Congratulations on the first steps to a better body and a more natural you. In this chapter, you will find everything you need to use your self-awareness to grow into the immense powers of clarity & connection. Bless. This area … Continued

Mental Awareness MIDI

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Good morning. Here is your mindful self-awareness practice to start your day in your best frame of reference.     396hz (Liberation, creating space for change)   Crown & Third Eye

Mental Awareness RUMI

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Bon nuit. Here is your deep relaxation therapy opening the pathways to connection & clarity within.     Before beginning, repeat the mantra: “I am open and willing to seek my inner clarity & connection.” This area is members only.