ES Perfect Body: Self Love Shift

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Welcome to Your Perfect Body: Self Love Shift! District #2 Emotions’ System (ES): This mini MIDI will help you begin opening up to self-care by showing you the love inside you are capable of giving, and the real person inside … Continued

Emotions System Chapter

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You are walking steadily towards the best you possible and are now embarking on building the foundation of the self-care you deserve. Welcome to the powerful district on self-love! Let it empower you towards your highest freedom & fierceness! This … Continued

Emotions System MIDI

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Good morning. Here is your mindful practice in self-love to start your day feeling the best way.       174 hz Solfeggio (healing, safety)     Heart & Throat

Emotions System MODI

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Here is your Yin-lates Flow which focusses on your emotional reactions to stress, to heal your relationships with your inner child, inner wise woman, the past experiences in your life and your body. ANIMATION: Stabilizing centre of gravity; achieving balance … Continued

Emotions System RUMI

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Bon nuit. Here is your deep relaxation therapy healing you into your free & fierce self.     Before beginning, repeat the mantra: “I am open and willing to feel my own fierceness & freedom.” This area is members only.