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Rooted and elevated, grounded and inspired: your true nature is this. ROOTLAEV is a return to it. All you've ever dreamed of becoming is actually your nature calling you to achieve it. UpRoots Wellness programs put you back into harmony with your perfect nature and help you ground it in your current reality. The state and practice of living in this ideal balance of your pure self, your highest happiness, is called Rootlaev.

Spirit of ROOTLAEV

Essentially all religion and the majority of humanist philosophies focus on an evolutionary goal — a heaven, nirvana, the sense of a 'highest human achievement' pervades our beliefs systems throughout time and culture. There is a pervasive sentiment, since time immemorial, in essentially every one of our founding societal beliefs, that the drive towards that 'end goal' is sacred; it's in our nature. The essence of all human happiness is in our inclination to strive towards it.

Even Darwin's Theory of Evolution found, perplexingly, that nature itself prefers the beautiful. Most people misunderstand this part of the theory, but Darwin himself admitted he had proved we are indeed evolving to some 'better', more beautiful, state. Cultures have different names for it, but the ‘end goals’ are theoretically exactly the same: true harmony & alignment which creates pure ease, joy & comfort for those who attain it.

"Heaven" is supposed to be found on earth. “As above, so below” — that’s what that line really means. "Enlightenment" is sensing, being, living through inner & outer clarity. Both mean living in a state of pure (human) nature. Practicing the state of ROOTLAEV is enlightenment. But you don't need to be unwavering to "attain" it. It flows with you, naturally, as it should. All of my programs show you how to find it, hold it, lose it, get it back, and live within it here, now, anytime.

ROOTLAEV is the practice of and the state of living in the harmony of all of the end goals. Heaven, Nirvana, whatever you call it: Rootlaev is it. Think of it like this: when playing an instrument — being in harmony is an action but it’s also a state — and practicing makes you better and better at it. Rootlaev, or harmony, is the path (or the method) but it’s also the outcome. The Truth in it is depicted by our reverence for sentiments like ‘the journey is the destination’.

The practice of ROOTLAEV aligns us with our true, clear nature. Our unique purpose, vital health & abundant lives unfold effortlessly as we clarify ourselves and live simply aligned with our pure nature.

Every course shows you various, holistic methods to practice Rootlaev in specific ways related directly to your unique goals.


Science of ROOTLAEV

The practice of ROOTLAEV is where “enlightenment” meets what positive psychologists call “flow”. Flow is a state and a practice of being fully immersed in a challenging activity or experience, engaging with it fully, and adding to it — with a purposeful and acute sense of being an integral contributor to it. It is playing a vital note in the harmony of a situation, simply stated. Psychology can observe it, and the immense benefits which come with it, but it cannot (as of yet) prescribe it. The likeness of flow, however, to many theories of discipline in Eastern spiritualism is well documented in the academic literature. Scientific observation of which practices induce flow and which act to extend it into a state of being (living in flow) is where Rootlaev was born.

Like the 'end goal' in all spiritualism and philosophy, there are many different names for flow. And, unsurprisingly, they all coincide with what research has proved to be a highly correlative variable in overall happiness and success (meaning it seems to directly create goodness). High performers in general usually directly attribute this psychological state to their success. For musicians, “getting in the groove” of the music is necessary for great composition. Athletes and business people often use the terms “getting in the zone” for the highly creative and productive state scientists call flow. Martial artists have a plethora of names for being absorbed into full experiential action of the moment (and they train at length to achieve it). Jackie Chan was a master of flow. Artists from every discipline recall being a channel for their creativity, claiming they don’t “do” the work, it “flows” through them. High performance, and achievement, is a correlate of flow. So is happiness, fulfillment, joy.

Flow is practicing Rootlaev. But Rootlaev is more than just practicing flow. Flow is enjoyment (engagement/purposeful), not pleasure (comfort/ease), Rootlaev is both.

Every program in UpRoots Wellness is designed, using data-backed methods, to induce Rootlaev so you can achieve very specific performance goals (professional, personal and health related) with ease, joy and sustainability.

Why is ROOTLAEV Different from Enlightenment & Flow?

“Flow” requires great knowledge and experience in the activity at hand to enjoy it (being adept & practiced at the task is a prerequisite), “enlightenment” requires an emptying of knowledge (a return to our pure nature). Yet flow is also necessarily about growth and striving (simply reenacting what you are already good at doesn’t produce flow) and enlightenment requires great wisdom and discipline to achieve (a baby is not enlightened because she is in her pure nature). ROOTLAEV is the practice of bringing flow to any moment, harmonizing innocence with experience (purity with wisdom).

Both flow and enlightenment also involve a detachment with your Self in either state. Rootlaev is the first holistic practice incorporating your Self (with your personality, flaws and goals) with your inner perfection. The aim is growing — together — towards your highest potential. This is what sets Rootlaev apart: it is not fleeting like flow, or inhumanly detached like enlightenment. Rootlaev is accessible enlightenment and flow at your fingertips (no matter how flawed or human you are).

Rootlaev pairs the conflicting strengths of carefree bliss (enlightenment) with the capacity to overcome immense challenges (flow); harmonizes the senses of joy, enlivened being, gratitude and belonging found in both; then adds the freedom of being able to evoke it anytime. All of this power is directed first towards awareness of personal purpose, so all of these efforts continuously move towards the most holistic and sustainable satisfaction for you in your life. Rootlaev gives practitioners (ROOTLI) the capacity to be in a state of enlightenment and employ the force of flow — at will — after identifying what unique path leads towards their highest fulfilment humanly possible.

Rootlaev is what Humanities scholars call "Sublime".  It both incorporates and transcends all we know about humanity and high achievement.


How Does ROOTLAEV Work?

The scholarly debate on fate versus freewill comes to this conclusion: you are essentially already programmed by age 7 (the unconscious mind pretty much runs the ‘you’ show), what happens after that is sort of like a snowball effect (the outcome is sort of determined ) — that's fate. But, you can make small changes to your trajectory (like a snowball rolling downhill) every single moment — that's freewill.

Consider this effect (according to science) overtime: the changes we make to the snowball's trajectory is barely noticeable at first, but every moment we decide to practice Rootlaev we nudge it a small way in our favour. Over time, like that snowball, our life path can be dramatically changed and our destination staggeringly altered.

Practicing ROOTLAEV aligns our human self, our challenges, and our highest potential in each moment. Each moment we practice Rootlaev, we are able to heal unconscious programming (which is obstructing our best selves), we have the opportunity to reprogram deep limiting beliefs (that is mis-creating our realities), and harmonize each part of us with our highest potential and pure nature (to effectively live our dream life).

The guiding principle attributed to your personal highest potential means Rootlaev is the only practice which aligns your path with your dreams — and creates them effortlessly.

Many of the greatest feats of human accomplishment are reported to have been “effortless” to the humans responsible at the time. Sometimes inexplicably. This was and is Rootlaev. It’s a natural law of nature. And now, through UpRoots Wellness programs, we have the wisdom and practices to employ it.



Your Life is Like a Plane in Flight

Think of a plane taking off: a minor adjustment in direction at the start can dramatically alter the path and ultimate destination. Now imagine you are a plane, and you are able to consistently alter your trajectory — how quickly can you arrive wherever you want to be? Each moment is an opportunity to bring awareness to your trajectory, and practicing ROOTLAEV puts your flight path in line with your dreams. Your dreams are your destiny. Rootlaev is just the practice of being the real you.

Every moment with Rootlaev is an opportunity. You have a moment every moment of every day! The deeper your commitment in those moments, the bigger the impact you can make on your direction.

The first times practicing will be the hardest (imagine attempting to divert a snowball in full motion, even just a little bit), but it gets way, way, easier (imagine then diverting that snowball a little more & a little more) to the point where the motion actually becomes your ally & friend. In time you will be able to change your trajectory any moment you please. UpRoots Wellness makes any goal a breeze with simple step-by-step instructions to align you with your dreams.


Major Takeaways

  • Every time you choose awareness, you change your trajectory.
  • Choosing ROOTLAEV aligns you with your highest potential (your dreams) — your destiny.
  • ROOTLAEV is a practice of harmony that is nothing short of heaven: the most fulfilling joy to cultivate.
  • Even the hardest aspects (facing unhealed traumas or poorly programmed defences) of practicing ROOTLAEV are easier to overcome than remaining with those aspects intact.

Dreams = Sum of MASS





The Practice

MIDIs: mindfulness practice, directive, subconscious.
MODIs: Self-Reflection, incorporation, conscious.
RUMIs: deep relaxation, receptive, unconscious.